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Beer, Wine and Whiskey tour

beer, wine & whiskey

A day tour to toast Tasmania’s growing reputation as being one of the finest producers in the world. Our tour takes you through impressive countryside to Redlands Estate for a tour of their fine distillery and whisky tasting. After wetting the appetite we flow alongside the Derwent River to Stefano Lubiana wines for some of Tasmania’s finest. A healthy lunch at SLW Osteria relaxes us for a short drive to the foot of Mt Wellington. Australia’s Oldest Brewery, Cascade, stands proudly here and we embrace a guided tour and tastings of their amber range. Finally, after our palate has been well educated, we stop at Lark Distillery Bar to help celebrate the International success they’ve had with their whisky and spirits.

Time: 8 – 9hrs.
Depart: 8:30am (Hotel pick-up).
Return: 5:00pm (Hotel drop-off).
Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday only.
Price: $250pp (Public tour price. Enquire for private tour price).

Includes: Entrance fees & tasting fees at all locations. Lunch is included.

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What to do in Hobart

Cultural Delights in Hobart

Thanks to thevine.com.au for the image. Whether you’re coming to Tasmania to experience our delectable cuisine and delicious wines or revelling in the atmospheric charm of one of our many diverse and exuberant towns and cities, there is a little something for everyone. While each community enjoys its own distinctive festive flair, without a doubt, Hobart is centre stage when it comes to embracing a sublime mixture of laid-back ambience and energetic vibes. The Tasmanian capital is home to a thriving arts community, an excellent performing arts scene and several events and celebrations which take place throughout the yearly calendar. You don’t need to go to the mainland to get your cultural feels – it’s all right here.

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Tasmanian Whisky Tour

A Taste of Tasmanian Whisky

In 2013, just over 1 million visitors chose Tasmania as their destination, and no wonder, since Tassie may be a small island compared to mainland Australia, but it’s an island filled to bursting with incomparable natural beauty. Tasmania has so much to see, from stunning coastlines, majestic forests, and spectacular mountains. At the same time, not only does Tasmania have a track record of producing food and wine worthy of such a beautiful place, but now the waters of the island are being used to create another unmatched taste experience – Tasmanian whisky.

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The 5 top beaches around the world

We’re all in need of a little adventure now and then, and if that adventure takes place on foreign shores, all the more exciting! And if you’re looking for a beach adventure, here’s a list of the top beaches around the world:


Consisting of 155 islands, the Seychelles is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including the Anse Source D’Argent, Anse Lazio and Mahe, Anse Major.

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Interesting Facts about Tasmania

Tour Tasmania

With the cleanest air in the world and the purest rainwater, Tasmania has been described as the “Best Temperate Island in the World.” Its relatively unspoiled natural environment also makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit. Tasmania is an island with stunning natural wonders, a rich history, and world-class cultural attractions. There are many stops on your journey, and we at Great Expeditions would love to share in your adventure.

Tasmania is the largest island state of Australia and the 26th largest island in the world. Tasmania is about the size of Ireland with a cool, temperate climate and four distinctive seasons. However, since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are opposite from that in the United States, with summer in Tasmania being from December through February. Hobart is the capital city and also the largest city in Tasmania, with Launceston as the second largest city.

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Our Exciting Five Day Tour

5 day tour photos  (8)

Day 1 – Hobart to Cradle Mountain

A real welcome to Tasmania day – It’s a lot different from what most people think. Leave Hobart and travel through the midlands where many historic convict towns are located amongst vast farming areas. Stopping for a famous curried Scallop pie (seafood) and delicious local honey, you will be ready to experience the Cradle Mountain National Park which lies on the edge of the World Heritage Listed Area. In the evening you can have an extra tour to see Tasmanian Devils.

Cradle Mountain

Day 2 – Cradle Mountain to Launceston

After taking a refreshing walk around the impressive Dove lake at the base of Cradle Mountain, we head off through rich countryside to replenish our energy at an awarded chocolate factory and also a cheese factory en route to Launceston.

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Food And Wine Tasmania

It’s what we are famous for. Our amazing food and wine grown and produced in unaffected conditions. Food and wine made by the best chefs and produced from the best ingredients.

july2012 072

We can share this with you   and show you food you will never taste anyone quite like it in the world Join us for a food and wine expedition.

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Discover Tasmania’s History

Tasmania’s compelling convict heritage began for those involved, as a very real world experience to literally another dimension: of distance, climate, hardship and environment.  There are many places to visit and we at Great Expeditions would love to share them with you, The history of Tasmania is fascinating albeit very sad.

explore tasmania and its convict histor (10)

The first British convicts arrived in New South Wales in 1788. By the end of that century Governor King of New South Wales needed somewhere to send incorrigible convicts – those who re-offended.

Convicts came from all walks of life. Most had little education, forced into crime to survive in a rapidly industrializing Britain. Many of their crimes were petty, such as stealing a sheep or some clothing. But there were also educated convicts, with skills that enabled them to be used as clerks or draughtsman, or with training in professions such as medicine, architecture, printing or building – all essential in building a new colony.

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Top Four Tour

On our Top Four tour we can see St John’s Catholic Church (1837) and burial ground. This is the oldest Catholic Church still in use in Australia. The church has had three spires. The present one was raised in 1972.

2013-10-12 22_16_53-richmond church  - Microsoft Word

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Bonorong Wildlife Park

sept2013 700On our Bonorong tour we introduce to a world unlike any other. This is Tasmania at its best. Some close encounters with some native animals are pretty special. At Bonorong Wildlife Park, there are enthusiastic professional staffs who are dedicated to ensuring your visit is both enjoyable and informative. Adults and children alike will be fascinated by Tasmania’s special species, Devils, Quolls, Wombats, Echidna and you can hand feed the Forester Kangaroos with complimentary food, share unforgettable moments with the Koalas and their dedicated keepers. We can organise lunch so you can have a picnic or just a visit.

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