Mt Wellington Downhill Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike TasmaniaMt Wellington has variety in the difficulty of Mountain Bike rides it has on offer. But riding the more difficult Radford’s Track was all my fair dinkum, no bull-dust, Aussie guest wanted to do. Being a good rider with notable experience, I assessed him as having attained a high level of skill and was capable of flying down this track with enough speed to be declared an aircraft pilot.The track started easy but quickly got steeper and steeper and hence faster and faster within a few hundred meters of being on the trail. We were soon flying and both had to brake to avoid absolute annihilation on the heavily scattered small dolerite boulders appearing in front of us like suicidal possums. Continuing like this for the next 10-20 minutes we were both shaken to bits by the time we reached the bottom. Our muscles ached and we had to recouperate before moving onto the next downhill trail.
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