Grey Skies, Skin Dive, Abalone and PIES!

Rainbow at Port ArthurToday was dark, wet and gloomy. Deep grey clouds drooled drenching rain over the southern half of Tasmania and some clinged to the tops of the surrounding hills like vanilla frosting on a banana cake. On such days it’s essential to be flexible with your tour because some attractions/activities are just plain horrible – while others are in prime form.Adventurous Emma C was up for anything and informed me she would not be disturbed by rain. After a quick discussion we soon headed off on our tour to the picturesque Tasman Peninsula for some unique activities that complemented the day and Emma’s needs (Gourmet food, impressive scenery and historical sights).Emma’s first request was to taste Tasmania’s fine quality pies (a perfect request for a wintery day). Great Expeditions recommend the pies from the Dunnalley Bakery with their delicious flakey pastry and exciting range of fillings that fullfil the fussiest pie eater. Today we opted for a curried scallop pie and as soon as Emma took her first bite she started groaning! Emma said this pie landed in her ‘All time top 5’ (And let me tell you – she knows her pies!) Port Arthur Skin DiveThe lookout over Pirates Bay delivered it’s consistent ‘wow’ before the short and pleasant drive to Port Arthur for our skin diving exploration. Spectacularly, a giant double rainbow positioned itself above our diving location as if we had organised it from the ‘OMG Premium Scenery company’.Mother ocean provided us with plenty of marine life to examine but on this grey day the red sea anemone was particularly vibrant and outstanding – it flowed peacefully with the ocean sway but also complex with its numerous tentacles. A good sized abalone (165cm) was siezed and cooked with the traditional garlic, lemon and butter mixture – ‘delicious’ according to Emma.