Tasmania Guides

Having a guide in Tasmania can save you a lot of time, effort and stress.

Great Expeditions can provide both types of Tasmania guides:

1. Personalised Tasmania guide

A person physically takes you somewhere and provides you with their knowledge (can be a private guide for your group only). Personalised guides are great if you want someone to drive you around, or walk you through a certain region.Our personalised guides have been rated as 5/5 on Trip Advisor. They have plenty of local knowledge about where to go and what to do. All of the tours from Great Expeditions are guided tours. Check out their reviews here.

2. Written guide

A document that guides you to the best places (also known as an itinerary). These are great if you are driving yourself around or have hired a rental vehicle.If you would like one of our written Tasmania guides that details: where to go, when to go, what the attraction is, why you should go there, best driving routes, maps, and some of the secret places we visit on our tours, then please fill out the form below.We have written guides for the North, South, East and Western regions because Tasmania has so many quality attractions in each region.Guides are written in 3 languages – Chinese, Japanese and English.Our written guides are priced at $45 and are emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

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