What to do in Tasmania

tasmaniaWe don’t want you to be another tourist who misses out!Our 7 Day Itinerary of Tasmania deals with numerous problems that tourists have when trying to drive themselves around Tasmania and steers them, hassle free, directly to our finest attractions.

Make no mistake: Tasmania is deceptive and dangerous. Over the decades of living and working here, we’ve learnt that visitors don’t understand the  best  attractions, our broad range of attractions, the safest and fastest driving route, safest travel time, wild weather, wild animals,  and isolation from civilisation. Unfortunately such problems cause people to miss out.

So we thought, why can’t we help our tourists out? Our answer was to write an itinerary.

The itinerary is written (and utilised) by Great Expeditions Tour Company. They are the highest rated land tour company in Tasmania and their tours are rated 5/5 on Trip Advisor. You should have peace of mind that the itinerary is written by professional travellers and professional locals.

Unfortunately, there are also some pretty average things to see and do in Tasmania, but we guide you away from such things and drive you directly to our best – giving you maximum experience for your time in Tasmania.

Simply driving in Tasmania is difficult and often dangerous. We have wild animals, wild winds, ice, snow, blinding sun, unsurfaced and unsealed roads that wind throughout valleys or traverse along steep mountain sides or unprotected alongside raging rivers. Our itinerary shows you the safest routes and has you driving at the safest times.

Our itinerary also saves you time and money:– decreased fuel costs (you won’t waste fuel travelling to the wrong places). – no more time planning your tour of Tasmania – our local, professional knowledge tells you the best places to visit. – the special pass we advise to purchase saves you more than $40 on your entrance fees.

The itinerary is written in English and contains a day-by-day description of what to do and where to go. We have not organised your accommodation – our included accommodation guide assists you with this.

Entrance fees are also not included in our product.Testimonials:

Thankyou for providing a well balanced tour itinerary of Tasmania. Your knowledge saved me heaps and heaps of time researching where to go and what to do” ( M. Peterson, Sydney)

I didn’t realise this place took so long to travel between each destination. Your itinerary had a good balance between driving time and attraction time” (J. McCulloch, Edinburgh)

I researched Tasmania before my visit and would have missed the highlights of my holiday – your itinerary showed me the best” (T. Wun Chow, Hong Kong)

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