Q: Can we modify our tour on the day?

A: Yes! Of course you can! We are happy to change our tours to give you the best possible experience. Our guides are very knowledgeable with ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ and will discuss the possibilities during your tour.

Q: What are the condition of your vehicles like?

A: For your comfort, we utilise a Toyota Tarago that has 7 seats, carpeted floors and upholstered seats.  It is cleaned thoroughly on the inside and outside before your tour: windows, floors, seats and outside panels. With larger groups (8 people or more) we utilise a range of other vehicles – it depends upon the number of passengers. They are all cleaned thoroughly both inside and outside.  All vehicles are mechanically serviced regularly and comply with the regulations stated by the Department of Transport in each state.

Q: What are the condition of your guides like?

A: Our guides are all physically very fit and healthy – they will walk all day with you. Some of our guides can even run all day. Intellectually, they are all very smart and will discuss a wide range of topics with you during your tour: Aboriginal history, European colonisation, convict history, flora, fauna, ecology & ecosystems, politics, culture, the arts, crafts, religion,  adventure sports,  life in Australia etc.  They have also traveled extensively throughout the world and have a good understanding about other cultures, people and places. They can happily talk all day if you want them to.

Q: How safe are your tours? You will be driving on difficult roads where there will be difficult conditions. My life is in your hands!

A: Our highest priority is your safety. Our vehicles are checked 1hr before every tour for their safety. Also, at regular intervals our vehicles are mechanically serviced by a reputable mechanic. Annually they are checked by the State representative body for passenger vehicles and they have high modern standards that we must pass.

Our guides are selected because they are ‘switched on’ and have foresight to see potential dangers and hazards.  For example, they have the ability to see the slippery stairs you are about to step on, or the vehicle you are about to step out in front of (our vehicles drive on the left in Australia).  They will jump in front of you, pull you back, or quickly warn you of potential dangers.

We also carry First Aid kits and our guides are medically trained and competent to carry out First Aid. Great Expeditions Pty Ltd is also fully insured with $10M public liability.

Q: How many people can I expect to be on my tour?

A: Our tours generally have 5 – 7  people. If you would like a private tour with just you and your friends we charge a small, affordable amount extra.  Larger group tours are available if you have a large group.

Q: Can I have a private tour with just me and my friends?

A: Yes! This is a very good value for money option. We have to charge a small amount extra for this service, but you will get a personalised tour and you can do what you want.

Q: What’s not included in the tour price?

A: Lunch and drinks are generally not included on our tours (we will advise if otherwise).

Q: If there is bad weather, really hot weather or unforseen circumstances, what happens?

A: As stated above, we are happy to modify your tour to give you the best possible experience

Q: Do you provide hotel pickup and drop off? Or pickup from my cruise ship dock (and drop off)?

A: Yes!

Q: Are people happy with the quality of your tours? What’s the feedback like?

A: Yes. They usually leave outstanding reviews on the independent travel review website called Trip Advisor . We have some great reviews up there – The reviews can be found here.

Q: Does any of my money go towards any good causes?

A: Yes. We donate money to the Pennicott Foundation in Tasmania to help in the quest to get rid of Polio from the world. More information about where our money goes can be found here. 

Q: Can my children come on the tour?

A: Yes. Children are more than welcome to come on our tours.

Q: Do you have a Customer Purchase Policy  / Disclaimer?

A: Click here to view our policy