What to do in Hobart

mona tours Whether you’re coming to Tasmania to experience our delectable cuisine and delicious wines or revelling in the atmospheric charm of one of our many diverse and exuberant towns and cities, there is a little something for everyone. While each community enjoys its own distinctive festive flair, without a doubt, Hobart is centre stage when it comes to embracing a sublime mixture of laid-back ambience and energetic vibes. The Tasmanian capital is home to a thriving arts community, an excellent performing arts scene and several events and celebrations which take place throughout the yearly calendar. You don’t need to go to the mainland to get your cultural feels – it’s all right here.

With so many events booming in and out of Tasmania, it’s no small wonder that so many people wish to visit. Tasmania enjoys an impressive number of tourists, just under 100,000 per year according to a report by Tourism Tasmania. Many fall in love with the landscape and its cultural charm so much that they decide to stay, with ample opportunities to purchase and rent in excellent locations such as the capital itself. In fact, its cultural scene alone is a big draw for several people looking for a place that has that perfect blend of bustle, beauty, and relaxation, inspiring many to move to the island. And because it boasts an eclectic community of European, mainland Australian, Asian, and Aboriginal populations as well as the locals, it’s no surprise that Hobart in particular has cultivated an enriched, immersive, and captivating arts community which everyone else can’t wait to get their hands into.

Museums and Galleries

It’s impossible to talk about Hobart’s museum district without paying a nod to the flagship of museums for “Art that inspires you and stories that move you.” The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery features some of the best collections this side of down under, with a well-rounded selection of decorative arts, photography, geology, history, and a herbarium. It’s also one of the island’s primary research centres and educational facilities, and its schedule is brimming with lots of activities that appeal to art connoisseurs, history buffs and science enthusiasts of all ages. The Museum of Old and New Art is also another worthwhile venture which does exactly what it says on the tin, elevating Hobart’s status as an arts centre, and Gallery Salamanca at the Salamanca Arts Centre deals with some of the finest emerging and established artists in the region. For folks desiring to keep a closer eye on some of the smaller, independent galleries, local artist Lucy Hawthorne offers some excellent insight on her Hobart art blog.

Performing Arts

For those who thrive on the lure of live art, Hobart will delight you – there are several excellent venues to choose from in Tassie’s capital, from the Theatre Royal to the Playhouse to the Hobart Film Society. Theatre Royal features a smorgasbord of everything from traditional to contemporary to romantic to brooding to quirky, as well as several excellent programmes aimed at getting kids involved in the arts. The Playhouse tends to venture into edgier content, but is popularly received by packed audiences at the height of its season, and it’s always worth taking a look at what’s on. Other favourite theatrical treasures include the Tasmanian Theatre CompanyTerrapin Puppet Theatre, and the House of Dance.

If live music is your passion, then fall into the lure of swelling orchestral sounds with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, one of the most accomplished professional orchestras of the region and commonly showcasing world-class soloists. If your style is more casual, then Hobart has several concert venues like the Derwent Entertainment Centre which brings in some of the best of local and international commercial talent, while the area’s underground and alternative music scene is also bustling. Smaller venues like the Republic Bar & Cafe are great places to enjoy some excellent food while listening to class local acts, while also giving visitors a real feel of Tasmania’s unique music scene.


What some of us come for most of all, of course, are the festivals. Tasmania’s cultural core is absolutely electric, spinning with events like the Taste of Tasmania festival at the end of the year which serves up a hefty menu of food and music, to the Hobart Baroque and weekly markets. Virtually every month has something to offer in Hobart as well as neighbouring regions, so be sure to check out what’s on, and give yourself a moment to experience Tasmania at its most exciting. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to thevine.com.au for the image.